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isn’t this the way it always happens…

every time i get into the groove of playing sims, i have to either a) go to work/class, b) leave to run an errand, or c) go to sleep at a decent hour. right now, it’s a of the work variety.

i got the bright idea to go through all the saves of sophia’s baby daddies and save them all to the bin then move them into the world the donovan’s are living in right now. i moved them from riverview to sunset valley since riverview is so laggy.

3 05.01.12

i got your crazy…

spent the better partr of last night and this morning going through the entire store collection. and no, i’m not rich. :) i looked at every individual file name (even googled ones i couldn’t exactly tell what it was), deleted the ones i didn’t want, kept the ones i did want.

uninstalled everything that was on the installed tab. well, minus sims because simsnob made me a couple of great ones and they’re in use right now.

reinstalled all of the store stuff i wanted to keep. reinstalled all of the lots i found with excellent cc, any old cc and even downloaded more stuff yesterday and today. because really, “homemade” cc is so much better than ea’s cc.

now the moment of truth. does it run? will it crash? will it fuck up my game? i hope not. i’m hoping it runs a little better since i freed up a lot of stuff. luckily, if it all goes to shit, i have my families backed up and saved to the bin so i could easily start them over in a new world, no problem.

3 04.29.12


at first i thought, the cross-eyed look just a funny glitch. something like what absent-minded sims do. then she aged up and still had the same look on her face. i’m afraid to hit unpause because i don’t want her to be cross-eyed for her sim life! although… it would be a nice characteristic.

7 04.23.12
4 04.23.12
she’s having an out-of-bed experience…

she’s having an out-of-bed experience…

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22 04.22.12
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11 04.22.12

sweet dreams are made of thiswho am i to disagree?

sweet dreams are made of this
who am i to disagree?

2 04.20.12

nellie and puzzle become young adults. and will run off to live happily ever after in their own household. not the best shots, i know!

3 04.20.12